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When a potential customer visits your website, they browse the products in your inventory, and choose the ones they want. This essentially begins when a customer enters your site and views your homepage. Ideally, your customers should be provided with easy access to product pages you have created to display your inventory, as well as conveniently placed links to your store's optional search engine.

Our ecommerce website designed PDG Shopping Cart includes support for secure transaction processing (SSL), e-mail and order log encryption, as well as many other security features to help protect your customers' personal information. It interfaces with numerous online credit card and check authorization services, as well as UPS and USPS to handle your shipping needs. Merchants may set up options for products- with price changes, track inventory for items, provide immediate e-mail confirmations to purchasing customers and designated vendor contacts, and export order information to other applications to simplify the day-to-day maintenance of your e-commerce enabled site. This shopping cart can be integrated into your web design in either of 3 ways:

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