About our web design business:

Our web design business is quietly nestled in the Green Mountains of Vermont (click to enjoy some great pictures from Vermont) where peace and quiet is the rule rather than the exception. Business is done on a handshake much of the time. We acquire most of our clients over the internet, and therefore meet people from many places around the world, and have enjoyed the relationships made designing their websites.

Designing websites is more fun than work for me, I enjoy the relationships I make while designing my clients websites and the excitement they get when they are completed. Helping people to achieve their goal is my greatest reward.

Our business is small yet offers the highest level of quality and service... Our software is always the newest and best of the industry standard, and upgrading our learning power is of utmost importance for our customers. Software including Microsoft Front Page, Microsoft Expression Web, Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop... these are some at the top of the list that we use for creating your website.

We are both college graduates, and have been retail business owners as well... an experience that has been most helpful to other business people when doing their websites. This is why we decided to offer web design packages... to help people get started with a website that can grow with their business, and offer the experience that may be helpful to them. I would enjoy helping you to fill the needs of your internet business.

Please feel free to contact Janet for more information...
Our custom web designs give the business solution that offers you the latest features, are priced to meet the smaller business budget, yet designed to meet the needs of a larger business.... contact us to see what we can do for you >>