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How to Use SmarterMail

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In trying to be as helpful as possible to all our clients, we have info for you below:

Learn how to use your new SmarterMail Account with videos:

NOTE: Items marked with  ** need to be done even if you choose to download your email into Outlook, Mac Mail etc.

NOTE: It is very important that you NOT set any of your web email addresses to forward to another like an AOL or Yahoo email address. Doing so can cause the search engines to think your website is SPAM, and can / will drop the search engine rankings of your website as well as every other website on the same server. Also, NO MASS EMAILS. A mass email is when you send out one email that is addressed to many other email addresses, be it friends, employees or customers. Please use one of the online message services like iContact or Mailchimp. They even offer a free account.